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It had been a difficult morning that day. First it start off with me letting my dogs out to pee in the backyard, when I discover that a crocodile had gotten into my swimming pool. After I called animal control, I went to college. When I walked into class I noticed the professor was lying on the ground he was all purple and twisting on the ground. He start coughing and I realized he was choking on his crocodile jerky. That’s when the class jumped out of the closet and yelled it’s just a prank bro.

9 thoughts on “chase hines blog 3”

  1. Hi Chase! I like the story plot of your blog post , but you had many errors in your writing. I hope you improve these. It would really make your blog more interesting!

  2. Just a prank? That was pretty scary at first. I am glad it all turned out ok. I have never tried crocodile jerky. I wonder if its good? Nice story telling and great writing Chase.

  3. Hello Chase. This is a wonderful piece of writing. You’ve set the scene perfectly with a great opening sentence, and completed your writing nicely with a funny and unexpected line! Loved it Chase, keep on writing.
    Heidi (Team 100, New Zealand).

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